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  • Relieve Pain – looking beyond your symptoms for a longer lasting solution


  •   Move well – our unique expertise and skills will help you get back on track



Relieve Pain, Move Well, Restore Balance


By identifying and treating problems in each system of your body we can help you achieve lasting pain relief. With less pain, you can return to the activities you most enjoy and restore the balance in your life.

Chronic and Complex Conditions


It takes our expertise to help resolve your chronic or complex problem. We take the time to listen to all of your concerns before assessing and treating the whole body. We have extensive training in powerful techniques from the worlds leading therapists.

Finding Solutions


Many therapists treat where it hurts giving temporary relief. At Synergy Manual Therapy, we find lasting solutions by identifying the true source of your problems. We then tailor a hands-on treatment and rehabilitation program to resolve your pain.

Effective Treatments


We use gentle hands-on manual therapy techniques which include counterstrain, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy. We offer rehabilitation strategies which include home exercises and yoga. This effective treatment approach will allow you to independently maintain optimal health.