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Neck pain, breathing and fascial counterstrain?

Neck pain, breathing and fascial counterstrain?

Are you experiencing neck pain, stiffness or breathing issues that are not responding to conventional treatment. Read on to find out how fascial counterstrain may help to relieve your neck pain.

The lungs sit in the ribcage along with the heart, central blood vessels and nerves. They are surrounded by the pleura and suspensory ligaments that connect  the organs to the skeleton. All of these structures contain fascia, so have the potential to become restricted creating dysfunction and neck pain. The body goes out of it’s way to protect itself even with the slightest strain, that we might not even notice. Fascial counterstrain is a gentle hands on therapy that treats these protective reflexes throughout the body.

Breathing is a process we take for granted, taking around 20,000 breaths per day. No other region of the body experiences as much movement on a daily basis. Breathing at rest requires only minimum mobility and effort, as we age,  we loose mobility. This occurs gradually and unnoticed until we start to experience other symptoms, which may grab our attention.

Fascial restrictions of the lung and pleura can contribute to

  • neck, thoracic pain and stiffness
  • shoulder, elbow, wrist pain and stiffness
  • headache, thoracic outlet syndrome and postural imbalances

Stress and emotion may also cause tension within the fascia especially relating to sadness and grief.
The diagram below shows the fascial connection between the top of the lung (purple) and the cervical vertebrae C7, otherwise know as Sibsons fascia.


Why is it important to keep your lungs and ribcage moving optimally?

Breath = Energy, Life Force, Chi.
Reduce pain, stiffness and stress.
Improve lung function, energy levels and immune function.

How can we help you with fascial counterstrain?

  • Address the real cause of your symptoms
  • Relieve pain, help you move well and restore balance to your system

We have several hundred fascial counterstrain techniques to reduce protective fascial restriction of the thoracic spine, ribs, sternum, ligaments, lungs, bronchi and pleura, blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves. This may assist in reducing pain and inflammation, improving circulation, lung function and flexibility.

Do you feel restricted in breathing or stiffness of your ribcage?
Are experiencing any of the above problems that regular physio treatment has been unable to resolve?
Do you have a lung related condition?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, why not book in for an assessment today! 

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