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Why See Us


Our Story


pro-125 (852x1280)Haydn and Karen established SMT in 2002 after merging their skill base to provide a unique clinic that specializes in treating pain and chronic conditions with an emphasis on hands on treatment.

Synergy Manual Therapy boasts over 50 years of combined experience of changing people’s lives. We are passionate about delivering a high standard of care to and strive for excellence as  manual therapists.

Building on our physiotherapy backgrounds, we have expanded our manual therapy and exercise approaches to address issues in the whole body – not just where it hurts. By identifying and treating problems in each system of the body, it’s possible to achieve a more complete and lasting resolution of your symptoms.

We have built our practice over the years and have recently relocated our clinic to a new architecturally designed home, striving to achieve that all important work life balance.


Our Philosophy


We believe the body has the capacity to maintain health and recover from disease on its own. Our goal is to help to eliminate factors that hinder the body from achieving this. Gentle “hands on” manual therapy can play a significant part in achieving this goal.

Our initial training in physiotherapy gave us a sound understanding in the anatomy and biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system. While treating this system may relieve pain temporarily, the true source of your problem may lie within other systems of the body.

Chronic problems may have more than one source and it may not always be where you feel your pain.  By assessing your body as a whole we can identify all the potential sources and develop a plan to address them.


Our Approach


During the initial consultation we thoroughly evaluate your history as this helps us make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for you.  Following this, a full screening exam is conducted on all relevant bodily systems which may include:

Musculoskeletal system spine, pelvis & limbs
Cardiorespiratory system heart, lungs & diaphragm
Gastrointestinal systemstomach, intestines & liver
Craniosacral systemskull, spinal cord & nerves
Circulatory/endocrine systemsblood and lymphatic vessels & hormones
Urinary/reproductive systems bladder, kidneys, prostate & uterus

Restriction in each system will be addressed with manual therapy techniques and the results of this treatment assessed. Advice and an exercise program may also be recommended to maintain and further enhance improvements from treatment.

Follow up consultations follow a similar plan with a greater emphasis on hands on techniques, education, advice and exercise.