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Boost Your Immune System

Boost Your Immune System!

Are you experiencing high levels of stress?
Have you noticed left lower rib, lower neck or shoulder pain or discomfort?
Are you noticing frequent sprains and strains and for little reason?
Frequent respiratory or bladder infections, allergies and skin conditions?
If so, your spleen may need some attention!

spleen 3

The spleen is a soft vascular organ that lies on the left side of the body just below the diaphragm next to the stomach and is protected by ribs 9-11. It plays an important role in our immune system, filters blood produces white blood cells and antibodies.

An underactive immune system may result in recurrent respiratory infections, sinusitis, frequent colds of urinary tract infections.

An over active immune system may result in allergies to pollen, animal hair and foods causing, digestive complaints, asthma and autoimmune disorders. Under or over active, it is not unusual to find dysfunctions in the spleen, liver and small intestine as they all support our immune system.

Stress can weaken our immune system, if it is experienced as a burden, rather than a motivation. To manage stress our body uses the hormone cortisol, it functions well as along as the stressful situation does not persist for too long. When this phase becomes a permanent state, the high level of cortisol can have an immunosuppressive effect on the body causing frequent illnesses.

How we can help you!

pro-112 (1280x853)Fascial Counterstrain/Visceral Manipulation

Treatment of fascial restrictions in the ligaments, blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves to the spleen, liver and stomach with counterstrain and visceral manipulation can help to alleviate your symptoms. It will also increase the function and vitality of the organ hence boosting your immune system.



cranialCraniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy provides immune system support and revitalization. Release of fascial and bony restrictions throughout the skull and body improve circulation, digestion, elimination and organ function. Cranial techniques calm and balance the central nervous system, creating a relaxation response allowing the body to heal itself.


Priorities for Health and Wellbeing this Autumn.

It’s important to have your immune system in tip, top shape before the cold and flu season is upon us.


Nourish yourself
Treat yourself to treatment session, yoga class, or walk in nature to boost your immunity before the cold and flu season hits.
Exercise Outdoors
At least 10 minutes a day, to stimulate your lymphatic system.
If your immune system is struggling avoid strenuous exercise, perhaps try tai chi or Pilates instead.
Eat Nutritious Food
Choose healthy food options, chew your food well and don’t eat on the run.
Reduce caffeine, alcohol and sugar, wheat and diary.
Add supplements like Vitamin C, Zinc, Echinacea, olive leaf extract or elderberry extract. Ask Karen and Haydn about the Bioceuticals range.
General Health

Try to worry less! it wastes energy try Dru Yoga or mediation. Get a good night’s sleep.

Make sure you do something for yourself every day!