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Synergy Dru Yoga


Synergy Dru Yoga individual yoga therapy sessions are run by experienced and registered Dru yoga teacher and physiotherapist Karen Custance. Karen is also a qualified kids and teens Dru yoga instructor.

Why Yoga?

Yoga can offer a more holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Yoga as a form of exercise has many far reaching health benefits from reducing pain, improving flexibility to improving digestion, relieving stress and balancing hormones.

What is Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is a synthesis of ancient yoga methods adapted to the modern day world. Dru Yoga can wash away stress, ease back pain, increase energy levels and relieve the pressures of modern living. It is a flowing style of yoga with an emphasis on soft joints, the breath, visualisation, core strength and spinal mobility to achieve balance in the body and mind. It is gentle and therapeutic so is available to all.



Yoga Therapy – individual sessions

Karen offers one on one sessions combining her expertise as a physiotherapist and dru yoga teacher to teach you a program that is designed for you and your individual needs.

Yoga Therapy can help you understand your body better and give you the tools to manage pain, chronic conditions, stress and maintain emotional balance.

Yoga Therapy can help you to self manage your symptoms so you can experience a better quality of life.

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